Dance commercial

If you need to play dance music in a public place, on a commercial site, at a presentation, that is, in your business, you can use my tracks. This service consists of its own music dance tracks. The service provides a license for the commercial broadcast of EDM dance music. Our dance music playlists are specially designed for the respective scenes and tasks. Just press the play button and start commercial streaming in your business.

All music on this site is protected by copyright, and I am the copyright holder, in connection with which I grant a license for the commercial distribution of my dance music in your business. Many business owners are familiar with claims and complaints from music copyright owners. When you work with my service, you simply do not receive these complaints. Since all the music was written by me personally, it’s original and I give you a business broadcast license.

There are a  lot of commercial dance music. My commercial music is ideal for broadcasting on dance floors, at sports and dance events, gyms. Business music dance playlist is ideal for different dance parties,  because it contains various dance tracks. Commercial dance music specially created for commercial streaming, but at the same time the music is very pleasant and modern.

As the organizer of a business party, your job is to provide musical accompaniment on the site and delight your guests. However, my dance music is not only suitable for dance venues and events. This EDM dance music is also suitable for shops and other commercial organizations. If you can create a pleasant mood with your customers, they will want to come to you again. In addition, next time they will come to you with friends!

The thing is that EDM electronic dance music encourages people to dance. Their soul dances and their mood rises. Better mood - more sales! So why sometimes not include music that makes people dance in their souls? When a person hears dance music, he feels a holiday. He relaxes and also wants to join the holiday. Holiday partying makes shopping easier in your business. It's great! Music makes people happy and helps your business grow!

What other ideas for using dance music for commercial purposes? Obviously, often you would like to use dance music on the dance floor. But this is a public place, right? You need a commercial broadcast of dance music and I provide you with my licensed music for commercial use.

FAQ Commercial dancing music:

Question: You are licensing to use your music in public places. and on commercial sites?

Answer: yes of course! All the music on this streaming site belongs to me personally, I created this dance music and I am its right holder. Therefore, I grant you a license for commercial streaming.