Music for run

There are many running fans in the world. In this post, I'll go over the issue of the importance of music for runners. The premier running gadget is a music player so you can listen to music while you run. I will mark the ones that are really needed and express my opinion about those that are literally imposed on us as necessary, absolutely, in my opinion, not being such. Let me emphasize that this article is not an overview of gadgets. Here I will not talk about brands, models and their characteristics. It is not my goal to help you choose a specific device. Together with you, I want to look at the issue of choice from a different angle. Not which model to take, but try to think about the question of whether I personally need this device at all.

So, for convenience, I decided to split them into three large groups:

Stopwatch (watch with stopwatch)

Heart rate monitor

MP3 player

Electronic clock (stopwatch)

A watch with a stopwatch is the main and only necessary accessory in a runner's arsenal. Very soon any beginner realizes that the main thing is not how many kilometers, but how much time he ran. Any coach will tell you that from the very beginning you need to train yourself to think in terms of time intervals, not kilometers.

And the kilometers will come, you yourself, very soon, with regular exercises, will begin to notice that your route along which you make your morning run is getting shorter in TIME. For the same distance, with the same load, you no longer need 40 minutes, but 35. And that's great. This means that you imperceptibly, little by little, become stronger, more enduring and of course more beautiful. To measure the time spent on the track, remove control cuts and to determine the load using heart rate control, we need a watch with a stopwatch. I would like to immediately emphasize - ANY watch. The cheapest, most Chinese ones will do.

My criteria for choosing a watch:

Comfortable on the hand (I'm generally a minimalist in running - underpants, sneakers, a bandana. Even the keys dangling in the pocket of my shorts bother me) Convenient, well-distinguishable display (the watch is not a pointer) Simple and clear control Waterproof (I have to run in bad weather)

All! If you already have panties and a T-shirt forward - conquer the world.

Heart rate monitors

What is it and why is it necessary? As I wrote above, pulse control is used to objectively assess the response of our body to stress. This can be done, so to speak, manually with the help of a watch or entrust this matter to devices proudly calling themselves - heart rate monitors. There are a great many of them.

I am here, without pretending to be 100% coverage, I will try to classify them and note their pros and cons.

I will consider heart rate monitors with a control part made in the form of a clock.

Watch - heart rate monitor with a built-in sensor (takes the pulse from the wrist, sometimes with an additional sensor on the case) Clock - heart rate monitor with an external sensor Chest sensor Wired Remote sensor on a finger or earlobe Clock - a heart rate monitor with a GPS receiver Watch - a heart rate monitor with a built-in sensor


Convenience. Relatively low price.


Accuracy does not stand up to scrutiny. My impression is that they might only be suitable for dry and calm environments. You stop believing them after the first kilometer and switch to the "finger-throat" method. Clock - heart rate monitor with external sensor




Inconvenient. Very. This is my opinion and I do not pretend to be an absolute truth, but these belts and sensors are a real torture for me. Although manufacturers write - "they are convenient and do not interfere with classes." Clock - heart rate monitor with GPS receiver


Accuracy. Lots of beautifully presented information to analyze.

Distance, time, heart rate, calories, route on the map. I am even willing to endure the strap on my chest sometimes, as much as I love such details. Although, in all honesty, to be honest, these are mostly entertainment.


Inconvenient. Very. This is my opinion and I do not pretend to be an absolute truth, but these belts and sensors are a real torture for me. Although manufacturers write - "they are convenient and do not interfere with classes." Battery power is very low. 6-10 hours in training mode. It seems to be more than enough for one workout, but this charge must be monitored. Prepare the device, keep it in mind. Price. In my opinion, 15-20 thousand rubles, for a device that can sometimes entertain me, but is not necessary, it is expensive.

MP3 players.

A very common topic is jogging with headphones, listening to your favorite tunes and not being distracted by extraneous sounds.

And the manufacturers are already ready, they offer us players, headphones or all together, positioned as gadgets for sports.

Also at the ready are special tracks - "for running".

Of course, everyone is a blacksmith of his own way of getting pleasure, but I am sure that when you carefully read the three reasons why I do not listen to music while running, you will agree with me - listening to music while running is not right.

If you are an urban runner, then this is simply not safe. Cars, dogs and their owners, cyclists, etc.
Music for run