Use Streaming Services
at My Retail Business

Your customers involuntarily listen to music in your store.  And if the music is pleasant, such as on this site of commercial streaming, then customers dig more and spend more money in your store.

On this site you can launch in your store broadcast the perfect music mix with unlimited duration.  Turn on the retail radio once and the music will never end.

Our music can instantly change a person’s mood in the right direction.  The right song at the right time can make a person happy, feeling confident.  Such a client will buy 100% much more.
Our vast selection of great music allows you to create the perfect music mix for your brand.  Our online control center gives you the ability to quickly and easily mix songs your customers like.

Research shows that happy shoppers spend more time and money in your store.

Select songs from our list yourself, or choose our unlimited commercial music playlist created just for you.  Our musicians have many years of experience creating suitable music for commercial places.  We are the copyright holders of all music on this streaming service, so you can not worry about the license.  Along with registration, you receive a license for the commercial broadcast of this music in any commercial premises without any restrictions!

During COVID-19, the video streaming feature will be used much less frequently since many stores are closed. Perhaps new streaming commercial services offering free content or extended trial periods.

You can connect commercial streaming for all outlets at once. You can be in different places, but in all outlets the same library of commercial music will sound. We will also have a remote sharing tool, and you can use a special extension for Chrome to synchronize commercial music between devices.

We mainly specialize in commercial streaming of dance music, gym music, workout motivation music.